Bridesmaid's Review!

Carrisa's Review.

Rachanee with Art Occasions did my wedding makeup this past December. I found Art Occasions on Yelp and completed a consultation because the reviews for Rachanee were wonderful.  I was very lucky to have found her. Here are a few things I like about Rachanee;

1) She is very sweet
2) She listens to your requests
3) She creates your makeup look based on your needs and wants
4) She has a very calming presence (which is important on your wedding day)
5) She is very easy to work with
6) She is professional
7) You can trust her because she follows through
8) The end result is wonderful and long lasting

In addition, I met with Rachanee for a consultation and we tried one type of foundation which I found to be a little heavy on my skin because I have oily skin. Rachanee had no problem scheduling me for a second consultation to try another type of foundation which worked a lot better on my skin. Rachanee also provided me with a clean up hair cut several weeks before the wedding which was very helpful because it saved me the trouble of going somewhere else just to have a trim. It was also helpful for me to have her cut my hair because she was also doing my hair for my wedding and she knew how much hair she needed to work with to provide me with my wedding hair style. 

Rachanee also provided hair and makeup to some of my bridesmaids and they were all very happy with the results. 

If you're searching for a makeup/hair stylist I highly recommend Rachanee at Art Occasions.

Naomi's Review.

I just had my wedding and I was very happy with working with her all the time. She does listen to you and respect your style.
My first trial went OK, but I was not really happy about the bumps on my cheek from rubbing air blush. So I told her which I don't like about and I asked her to do the air blush different way on my wedding day. Then  she offered me a second trial just for foundation. It was better than first time, but my all facial hair caught the air blush. She suggested me a threading. So I did, it was amazing how things worked out.
Also I got so many compliments about my wedding hair. Everyone liked it and of course I loved it too.
Rachanee is very easy to work with and very quick response too!

Charlotte's Review.

Rachanee is a great person to work with. Her talent for makeup and hair is what every bride asks for. She is a very professional individual who is willing to go above and beyond in making your special day a memory to remember.

Apple's Review.

I was looking for a hair and make up artist and stumbled upon Art OcCasions online. I booked with Rachanee the make-up artist and hair stylist for my wedding day. Rachanee was very professional and was everything i expected it to be.. She was punctual and very flexible. Rachanee even stayed after to help put my veil on my hair so that it doesn't mess up.. The price for me the BRIDE was $350.. Not sure if that was good or expensive but it was within my budget..Thanks Rachanee for being genuine to me and to my bridal party..

I absolutely loved Rachanee's work on my hair and make-up (bridesmaid) and my best friend's hair (bride) and make-up for my friend's wedding. Rachanee is patient and sweet and genuinely listens to what you want to look like. It was so nice to have a hair and make-up artist that was friendly and calm on the big day. She was able to perfectly recreate a hairstyle I picked out from a magazine and she adjusted the bride's hair until it was EXACTLY what she wanted. Our makeup looked natural and not overdone. She did a great job managing time and getting both of us ready to go with hair and make-up done just in time to take pre-wedding pictures. I highly recommend Rachanee to anyone, particularly brides and bridal parties. Having Rachanee around will add to your day and you will look completely beautiful!
Thanks Rachanee!!

Ann's  review.

Rachanee did a beautiful job on my hair and makeup, along with my bridesmaid's for my Wedding! As a red head, a lot of makeup artists don't know the correct colors to use on my complexion, but Rachanee knew exactly what to use to make me look and feel beautiful. I would highly recommend her for your special day!

Joy's wedding review.

Rachanee was simply fantastic. I went in for a trial with her without knowing what I really wanted and she was great about helping me figure out a look for my wedding day. I had my hair and makeup done at her studio on the day of the wedding and it was like an oasis of calm (except for when her son made a brief but very entertaining and high-energy cameo). I was really happy with the way everything came out (and her assistant did a great job with my bridesmaids' makeup too). She really delivered even though I wasn't able to clearly articulate what I wanted!

Jamie's Review.

Rachanee was wonderful to work with - I would highly recommend her! I chose her to work on my hair and make-up for my wedding in June 2009. I actually ended up doing a few trials with her because I was indecisive on hair styles. She was very patient with me and very accommodating to my schedule and requests. On the day of the wedding, her work was even better than the trial and she spent a lot of time making sure that I liked the makeup and hair. My husband felt it looked very natural and loved it, which was a great compliment since he generally likes me without any makeup at all. I received a lot of compliments and never felt better!

I also asked her to do my bridesmaids' hair. She brought an assistant with her the day of because I had 6 bridesmaids. I was a bit anxious about her assistant because I had never met her prior or seen her work. However, they both did a wonderful job and my bridesmaids' hair looked amazing! In fact, my cousin has hair that never keeps their curls, but somehow Rachanee and her assistant made it so that her curls actually stayed the whole night! I was truly amazed! :)

Mayrin's  Review.

Rachanee made my wedding day experience wonderful. I had been going to her for my pre-wedding trials for hair/make-up. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about my needs for my day. On the actual day of, she knew that with so many women to work on (6 bridesmaids and 1 mother-in-law) that she would need back-up. There were two other assistants to help with hair and make-up. My bridesmaids looked gorgeous and the experience was fun. My mother saw how beautiful the women looked and ended up getting her make-up done as well! My make-up felt light on my skin and was "just right" on the color. My hair had gone through some changes from curls to a twist on the day of. The style was simple, yet modern and elegant at the same time. It ended up feeling like me and not like other styles I always saw at weddings/magazines. Rachanee worked hard to work with our schedule in time/location. It was an experience that every woman getting married should have. 

Simone's  review.

Rachanee was awesome!  I had to plan my bay area wedding from Los Angeles so had to select out of town vendors purely from recommendations on the web! It was a little nerve wracking, but it turned out so well! Rachanee met with me in my hotel room just 2 days before the wedding for my trial run (only time that worked for me!). I gave her pretty vague instructions--pretty, natural-medium makeup that covers/lasts all day and a soft up-do hairstyle. She showed me some pictures from her books/magazines to find things I liked and then ran with it! It turned out so great! On the day of the wedding she met in my hotel room and got me and my maid of honor ready in plenty of time...she really did a fantastic job on both of us. We got so many compliments and felt great all night. We didn't have to touch up our makeup once! I highly recommend Rachanee and Art Occasions for their wonderful work!

Karoline's  review.

I'm so glad I chose Rachanee to do my wedding hair and makeup after doing a lot of research on wedding websites.  Rachanee is personable and amazing to work with.  She is flexible and patient in listening to my ever changing requests on how I wanted my hair and makeup done, and gave me excellent suggestions that helped me make a final decision on the wedding day.  I got so many compliments that day and most importantly, my husband LOVED my makeup and hair.  He loved that the makeup didn't overpower my face, but that it enhanced my features beautifully. Thank you Rachanee for making me a beautiful bride!

 Linda Review.

Rachanee did my bridal hair and makeup and she did a
fantastic job! My makeup looked beautiful and felt very natural. 

I was worried that I would need some touch-ups, but even after a
12 hour day, no touch-ups necessary!  My hair was pinned up
in long curls, and the curls stayed in place all day, despite it being
a very windy day.  At the end of the night, my hair was still neat
and tidy.   
Looking back at photos, I am extremely happy with the end result. 
I never felt as beautiful as I did on my wedding day, and it was all
thanks to Rachanee.  Not only is she talented, she is also a pleasure
to work with.  She is very professional, patient, and pays attention
to your inputs.  I highly recommend Rachanee to anyone!
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If I could give Rachanee six stars I would! she is amazingly talented and professional and a sweet person on top of everything else. She did my hair and makeup on my wedding day and even returned in the afternoon to change my hair before the reception. She made me feel beautiful and that's so important on your big day. I got great compliments from family and guests. She was incredibly patient during my trial and handled my requests and changes with no problem. I would recommend Rachanee without hesitation.

Doris' Review

Angela's  review. 


I feel very fortunate that Rachanee was part of my very special wedding day! She was professional and calm while chaos and emotions were flying around. She was easy to work with and made sure the desired look was achieved. She handled not only me but five bride maids also! All services were very professional and everybody turn out beautiful. We all are grateful and love her for what she did. I can't imagine ever getting better service and results than what Rachanee provided for me on my very special day!  I would recommend her to all.


Janice's Review.

Rachanee and her team were awesome. She's so accommodating and such a sweetheart. She knows how to make you look and feel beautiful. I had so many comments that my makeup was amazing, that my natural features were beautifully enhanced. Despite some miscommunication with the wedding coordinator on my big day, she still remained a sweetheart and calmed my nerves when I was starting to feel the bridezilla in me come out when things were going as planned. She was one of the highlights of my wedding and I could not be happier. She's just perfect. I'm so happy I found her. My bridesmaids makeup and hair were done by her team, Nancy and Dzime, who were awesome too. The girls looked so beautiful and glamorous. I was just amazed at how wonderful and perfect everything turned out. Just really happy overall.

Emily's Review.

I definitely recommend Art Occasions. I was fortunate to find Rachanee for my bridal make-up, and was very happy with the outcome! Rachanee was amazing and did everything perfectly!

Ashley's Review.

Rachanee and the team she provided for hair and makeup for my wedding were amazing. Rachanee spent a great deal of time making sure my makeup and hair were perfect for the day and the other makeup gal and hair gal she brought were equally as great. All my bridesmaids as well as myself had a great time and were extremely pleased with the end result. It was so great having someone so reliable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Rachanee!

Gina's Review.

I will definitely recommend Art Occasions to all my engaged friends. Rachanee did my hair and makeup for my wedding as well as my mothers hair. She was extremely professional and artistic. I did a trial at her home studio a few months prior and she brought my vision to life. She had lots of suggestions and references to use so we established a clear picture of what I was looking for before she even got started. She created a beautiful, unique updo and lovely airbrushed makeup. On my wedding day, she arrived on time at my hotel and finished my hair, makeup, and mothers hair by the time we had agreed on. The look lasted all night and photographed beautifully. I was so happy with the finished result. Thanks again Rachanee!!

Brooke's Review.

We used Art Occasions for our wedding in January 2014. Rachanee did our hair and Linda did our makeup (two brides). We first met with them for a trial a week before the wedding, and we were nervous after having gone through a trial that was very disappointing. We were on a tight budget and couldn’t afford the vendors who had been recommended to us. The first trial was with the most “budget” of our options, and it’s often true that you get what you pay for. Well, Art Occasions was only slightly more expensive than the first place we tried, but the quality was so much better. Rachanee and Linda were great! They were professional, friendly, flexible and efficient, and they listened to our requests. They worked with us to get our looks just right. We both appreciated that they focused on hair and makeup rather than socializing with us. On our wedding day, they had to arrive very early as there were bridesmaids and mothers to work on as well. They were able to accommodate an extra hair and makeup and still finish everyone’s services almost exactly on time. I can’t even count how many compliments we got on the hair and makeup. They are professionals at what they do. Rachanee really understands how to translate a picture into reality on hair, and Linda is a true makeup artist. They remembered what we had discussed at the trial and made the appropriate adjustments. Everyone who had services was extremely pleased. I would not hesitate to recommend Art Occasions to any prospective brides in the area. The prices are reasonable (for the industry) and the service and product are excellent. Big thanks to Rachanee and Linda for making us look so good on our big day

Courtney's Review.

Rachanee did a great job on my hair and makeup for my 9/24/11 wedding. I had my trial with her 2 months before the wedding and was extremely pleased with the result. I brought a ton of pictures to show her what I had in mind for both hair and makeup. I wasn't sure that my desired hairstyle would even work with the texture and length of my hair but Rachanee told me she could do it. She spent almost 3 hours with me at the trial, making sure everything was perfect. It was one of the most relaxing times of the whole 8 months of wedding planning! I opted for the airbrushed makeup and I loved it. I still looked like myself but she was great at enhancing my natural features. At the end of the trial, Rachanee took some photos to remember exactly how I wanted everything for my wedding day and emailed them to me. On the day of the wedding, Rachanee arrived on-time with her assistant to my mom's house, where my bridesmaids and I were getting ready. In addition to my hair and makeup, Rachanee and her assistant, Kimberly, also did the hair and makeup for my mom, cousin and one of my bridesmaids. They did a great job on everyone. Rachanee made sure we stuck to the timeline and finished promptly on time and both my hair and makeup lasted all day (12 hours). In addition to being great at what she does, Rachanee is also an extremely sweet person! I definitely recommend her to make you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day!

Nina's Review.

I found Rachanee on Yelp and was very happy with the hair and makeup she created for my wedding a few months ago. She was very nice in person and understood immediately the style I was looking for. The beautiful hair style she created for the wedding lasted a whole day without any need for a touch up.
Highly recommended

Christine's Review.

I am an EXTREMELY picky person and went through three trial runs with other people before I found Rachanee.  I even debated doing my own makeup because I was so unhappy with the people that I had found.  Rachanee immediately impressed me. She was so good with BOTH hair and makeup, where all of the other people I had met were only good at one or the other. I showed her a picture of the hair style that I wanted and she created it immediately and it was exactly the same as the picture I was very impressed! She also did my makeup perfectly and it looked great allllllll night!  Everyone at my wedding thought my hair and makeup looked beautiful and thanks to Rachanee, I got the look that I wanted.  She arrived on time at 8am to do 5 people's hair and makeup and was also done promptly.  She even stayed a lot longer than we expected because our photographs took awhile, to make sure that I got a touch up before the reception.  Take it from me, if you are looking for both beautiful hair and makeup, I strongly urge you to call Rachanee since she is the BEST!  I even went to see her for a hair cut after the wedding and she cuts hair great too... Thank you so much Rachanee for making my wedding day beautiful

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